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Skippered Colgate 26 Sailing Club


Sailing Club Membership at a Glance

  • Club Memberships are packages of deeply discounted club sailing sessions at different tiers 

  • Memberships start as low as $250

  • Licensed Captains/Instructors accompany each sailing session

  • Each sailing session is Capped at 4 students 

  • Club Members are welcome to bring guests

  • Must be a current First Reef Sailing student to be eligible for the Colgate Club


Join our Colgate 26 Sailing Club to have access to weekly club sailing sessions held on our Colgate 26 sailboat! This is perfect for sailors who are looking to gain more experience but do not yet feel confident to take out a sailboat on their own.  All Club Sailing Sessions are capped at 4 students are accompanied by one of our licensed captains aboard to ensure a safe and fun sailing experience. 

In addition to being able practice your sailing skills while gaining valuable “sea time” this is a fantastic way to meet other sailors at a similar skill level!


Please note, this is an opportunity to get time on the helm aboard our sailing school boats and meet other avid sailors, it is not a “sailing course”. Our captains are aboard to ensure everyone is safe and to give pointers here and there, but it won’t be an intensive practice session.

How it Works

Each club membership is a package of deeply discount club sailing sessions. Each member is assigned a "Member ID" number that can be used to sign up for weekly club sailing sessions! Each club member will have the option to renew at the end of their membership, allowing them to retain the same Member ID.


In order to be eligible to join the Club, you must be a current First Reef Sailing student (must have taken a First Reef sailing course in the last calendar year).



Club members are allowed to invite guests aboard sailing sessions for the session's full price of $75. Guests must be accompanied by a member and will be asked for their member's name/ID upon checkout.

Membership Options

Calm Sea


Sailing Club Membership

10 Sessions 


The Colgate Club membership includes 10 club sailing sessions for an incredible 30 hours of sailing experience! The full membership offers a massive discount resulting in each 3 hours sailing session costing $40 per session!


Sailing Club "Lite" Membership

5 Sessions


The "Lite" membership includes 5 club sailing sessions for a total of 15 hours of sailing experience! As a half membership this is a more flexible options for sailors who have limited availabilities.


Single Session

1 Session


Feel free to book a single session if you are looking for a quick sailing fix!

Club members are welcome to bring guests along with them. All guests will be charged the single session rate.

Upcoming Sailing Club Sessions

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