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The Northern Passage

St. George's, Bermuda to Boston, MA

Estimated Departure: April 24th, 2024 

700 nm / 5 Days

Sailing from Bermuda to Boston, MA is an exciting and challenging passage that offers a mix of unique experiences and varying conditions. Here's what you can expect during this offshore sailing journey:

Bermuda Departure: As you depart Bermuda, you'll need to communicate with local authorities and follow their procedures for departure, which may include customs and immigration clearance.

Diverse Weather Conditions: The weather on this passage can vary significantly depending on the time of year. Spring and fall are the preferred seasons for milder conditions, but you should still be prepared for a range of weather patterns. Expect everything from calm days with little wind to stronger winds and the possibility of squalls or storms. The Gulf Stream can also influence weather patterns and create its own set of challenges.

Navigational Challenges: The Gulf Stream, a powerful ocean current, runs in close proximity to this route. It can impact your course and speed, so careful navigation is essential. You'll need to monitor your position relative to the Gulf Stream to optimize your passage.

Watches and Crew Responsibilities: On an extended passage like this, a watch system is crucial to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the vessel. Expect to divide the crew into watch teams to maintain a continuous presence on deck, monitoring the sails, navigation, and lookout for other vessels. Be prepared for a rotating schedule, typically with watches lasting four hours each.

Night Sailing: Sailing at night is an integral part of offshore passages. While it can be challenging due to reduced visibility, it can also be incredibly rewarding as you sail under a star-studded sky. Adequate lighting and careful navigation are vital during nighttime hours.


Wildlife Encounters: Keep an eye out for marine life. You may spot dolphins, whales, and various seabirds during your passage. These encounters can be awe-inspiring and provide a deeper connection to the open ocean.

Self-Sufficiency: You'll need to be self-sufficient during the passage. This means having enough provisions, water, and fuel for the entire journey. Be prepared for some cooking challenges due to the boat's motion, and ensure you have suitable safety equipment and knowledge in case of emergencies.

Physical and Mental Challenges: Sailing offshore can be physically demanding due to constant motion and the need to adjust sails and maintain the vessel. Mentally, you'll need to stay alert and focused on navigation, weather, and the well-being of the crew.

Isolation and Connectivity: Once you're out at sea, you may be isolated from the outside world. While First Reef Sailing maintains several different methods of satellite communication to check in with shore staff and provide weather updates, expect limited connectivity.

Sense of Accomplishment: Completing the passage from Bermuda to Boston is a significant accomplishment! The sense of achievement and the bonds forged with your crew can be incredibly rewarding.

Remember that every sailing passage is unique, and conditions can change rapidly. Flexibility, preparation, and seamanship are key to a successful and enjoyable voyage from Bermuda to Boston.


Estimated Bermuda to Boston Route

Gulf Stream Ocean Current Chart

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