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Colgate 26 Sailing Club

Sailing Club Membership

Sail as often as you like for a single annual fee and without the hassle of boat ownership.  Our fleet of boats are professionally maintained and managed; all you need to do is to show up! Sail with friends and explore the beautiful Boston Harbor and its surrounding harbor islands.

Annual Membership


New members must sign up for a one time 4 hour orientation. Save 50% if you are a current First Reef Sailing student! 

New Members - $800

Current First Reef Students - $400 

Bring up to 3 friends sailing

The Colgate 26's are comfortable day sailing boats that can accommodate up to 4 people with plenty of space. Each boat is equipped with PFDs and safety equipment for everyone.

Easy Access to Boston Harbor

Our fleet is docked at Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina in East Boston. This allows easy access to both the inner harbor and outer harbor. Also, parking is completely free!

Simple Reservation Software

Reserve boats, modify or cancel reservations and see which boats are available through our online reservation software from your computer or your phone.

Sailing Season

May 1 to October 15th

The club is open 7 days a week and each day contains 2 sailing blocks. 

Memberships are prorated monthly for those joining mid-season.

24 Hour Rule

The 24 hour rule allows members to reserve a bonus sailing block if it is available within the next 24 hours with out it counting towards your 3 reservation allotment. A great way to pack in even more sailing!

Zone 1

Prerequisite: ASA 101 - Keelboat 1

Members with only the ASA 101 certification will be restricted to within the "Inner Harbor," up to, but not past the end of Logan Airport.

Zone 2

Prerequisite: ASA 101 + 8 hours of Zone 1 Experience

 Zone 2 includes the "Inner Harbor" as well as the outer harbor. Zone 2 sailors are not allowed past Deer Island and the Eastern tip of Long Island nor are they allowed to sail past the Western tip of Long Islands and Moon Head point (between the ruined Long Island Bridge pilings).

Zone 3

Prerequisite: ASA 103 - Basic Coastal Cruising

Members with the ASA 103 certification are allowed to sail in Zone 3 which includes all of the Outer Harbor Islands. Zone 3 sailors may not sail past the Safe Water buoy in the Main Boston Channels. They also may not sail past Boston Light and the eastern tip of Hull (Pt. Allertor).

Zone 4

Prerequisite: ASA 104 - Bareboat Cruising

Members with the ASA 104 certification have no restrictions, other than making it back to the dock by the end of the sailing session!

Guaranteed Sailing 

Every member is guaranteed a minimum of 4 weekday reservations and 2 weekend reservations per month.  That means at least 165 hours of guaranteed sailing per season! Best of all, most members utilize the Colgates much more than the minimum guaranteed allotment.

Reservation Rules

2 Week Day Reservations

Each member is allowed to have up to 2 week day reservations on the calendar at a time. Reservation slots from Monday through Friday are considered "Week Day" reservations.

1 Week End Reservation

Each member is allowed to have 1 weekend reservation on the calendar at a time. Reservations on Saturday and Sunday are considered "Week End" reservations.

24 Hour Rule

Members are able to reserve empty slots that are within the next 24 hours without them counting against their existing 3 reservation limit. A great way to get even more sailing time!

Join the Club!

Take the next step in your sailing journey and join our Colgate 26 sailing club today! Becoming a member only takes a few moments and you can schedule your orientation fully online.

Meet the Colgate 26


Have a question about the club? Get in touch to learn more.

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