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Richard Senneville

Fleet Technician


(617) 466-3317


About Richard

Richard's journey into maritime pursuits began with the meticulous restoration of a classic yacht, sparking a passion for thrilling liveaboard escapades along the picturesque New England coastline with friends. With over a solid four-year tenure working with both First Reef and our club SailTime Boston, he's become an integral part of our team. But Richard's connection to the sea runs deep – he's also volunteered as crew on the renowned Viking longship, Draken Harald Hårfagre, refining both his sailing skills and knack for maintenance.


Away from the waves, Richard's talents extend to outdoor education, whether he's carving slopes as a ski instructor or leading backpackers through the wilderness. Currently, he's setting his sights on earning his captain’s license, gearing up to share his love for sailing and pass on his expertise. Richard's all about embracing the maritime life and inspiring others to join in the adventure.

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