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Boston ASA 114
Catamaran Cruising Course




2 Days

About the Course

Prerequisite: ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising

The goal of the 2 day course, ASA 114 - Catamaran Cruising is to be able to skipper an auxiliary-powered sailing cruising catamaran of approximately 30 to 45 feet in length during a multi-day liveaboard cruise upon inland or coastal waters in moderate to heavy winds (up to 30 knots) and sea conditions. In the course we teach concepts of catamaran structure, components and features, performance under sail and power, boat systems, seamanship and safety, heavy weather operation, and emergency response. We focus on the major differences between sailing a monohull safely and sailing a multihull safely.

Topics included in ASA 114 Catamaran Cruising


Catamaran Vocabulary

What is the difference between the "dolphin striker" and the "seagull striker"? We cover all of the new vocabulary that is unique to catamarans.

Catamaran Systems

Now that we have two or more hulls, that means we have two engines, drive systems, possibly fuel tanks and more. We discuss and explore the different and redundant systems found on catamarans and how to use them.

Docking Under Power

We spend an entire afternoon practicing docking a large cruising catamaran as well as practicing tight quarters maneuvering in forward and reverse. We teach the difference between regular sailboat steering and differential steer, and how it opens up a whole new world of precise maneuvering.

Anchoring and Mooring a Catamaran

Anchoring and mooring a catamaran differs from anchoring and mooring a monohull in that the anchor line will drop from between two hulls and must be secured using a bridle. We practice mooring and anchoring under power and teach new hand signals that we employ when doing both.


How do we tell that a catamaran is overpowered when it doesn't heel over? It is even more important to reef often and early in multihulls in order to avoid rig failure or, even worse, a capsize. We discuss initial stability versus secondary stability and how to use Apparent Wind Speed and Angle in order to determine when and how far to reef the sails.

And More!

We cover far more than the basic ASA 114 Cruising Catamaran curriculum, covering topics such as heavy weather sailing, emergency response, differences in performance regarding sails and engine and much more!

Students will graduate the course with an American Sailing 114 Cruising Catamaran Certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of catamaran do you teach the ASA 114 course on? 

All First Reef Sailing ASA 114 courses are taught aboard a 2024 Fountaine Pajot Isla 40, a new 40 foot cruising catamaran equipped with 3 cabins and 2 heads.

How many students will be in the course?

We cap our ASA 114 course at a maximum of 4 students to allow for plenty of time at the helm!

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