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The Gulf Stream Passage


The Gulf Stream Passage

Charleston, SC to Norfolk, VA

April 8th, 2023 to April 12th, 2023

420nm / 5 Days

We will plan to depart Charleston, SC just before sunset. Once past the breakwater we will be sailing directly towards the tip of the “Frying Pan Shoals” that lay directly south of Cape Fear. Once we pass abeam of the shoals we will sail directly for Beaufort, NC


At Beaufort we will take a look at the weather for a possible outside transit of Cape Hatteras. If weather permits we will take off from Beaufort sailing coastally, between 5 to 15 nautical miles offshore, bound for Norfolk, VA. 


If we decide that weather does not look favorable for an outside transit of Cape Hatteras, we will enter the Intracoastal Waterway at Morehead City and continue to Norfolk, VA via the ICW, an interconnected waterway of rivers, canals, sounds and bays. This will be a comparable distance of ~200 nautical miles but will take about 2 and a half days due to the fact that we will only be traveling down the ICW during the day, as the ICW is too narrow and shallow to safely traverse in darkness.



Charleston Departure

We will be departing from Charleston, SC  passing the incredible Fort Sumter as we negotiate the main channels out to sea. 


Rest Stop in Beaufort, NC

We will make a brief stop in Beaufort, NC as we take a look at the weather forecast, making the decision to round Cape Hatteras or navigate the ICW


Navigate the Intracoastal Waterway

If the weather is unfavorable we will navigate the 200nm of canals, rivers and sounds that comprise the Intracoastal Waterway.


200 Nautical Mile Coastal/Offshore Passage

We will sail direct to the buoy marking the Southern tip of the "Frying Pan" shoals and then direct to Beaufort, NC taking approximately 30 hours.


Round the Legendary Cape Hatteras

If the weather is favorable we will sail coastally past Cape Hatteras, navigating the tricky seas where the Gulf Stream current hit the Hatteras shoals.


Arrival into Norfolk, VA

We will have to negotiate busy naval and commercial traffic as we enter the Chesapeake Bay and head towards Norfolk, VA.

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