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Boston ASA 102 Keelboat Sailing 2 Course




3 Days

About the Course

Prerequisite: ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat

The American Sailing Association 102 Keelboat 2 course is designed to build upon the skills and knowledge acquired in ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing. This intermediate-level course is aimed at sailors who have mastered the fundamentals of sailing and are ready to advance their proficiency in handling keelboats in more challenging conditions. Throughout this course, students will deepen their understanding of keelboat sailing principles and techniques, with a focus on safety, navigation, and seamanship. This course is perfect for those looking to gain more experience after completing ASA 101 or for advanced cruisers who would like to fine-tune their sail trim and techniques on a more responsive sailboat.

This 3 day course runs from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day. We start each day in the classroom, spending about two hours of lecture where we incorporate video, whiteboard diagrams and sailboat models to explain the fundamentals of sailing and to teach skills that we will be practicing on the water. We typically break for lunch from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm and then the rest of the day is spent sailing our Colgate 26 (our 26 foot sailboat designed specifically for sailing instruction) practicing all of the necessary skills and maneuvers to competently sail a keelboat of this size. This means you will be spending at minimum 4 and half hours a day sailing and practicing maneuvers!

At the end of the course there is a brief examination and each student receives an official American Sailing logbook and the American Sailing 102 - Keelboat Sailing 2 Certification.

Read more about our courses and what to expect on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Topics Included in ASA 102

Safety Preparation and Procedures

We teach how to create a safety and navigational plan for a day sail keeping in mind the prevailing winds and weather, current conditions and sea state. We also review contingency plans for dropping sails in emergency situations, recovering a crew overboard and returning to the dock in inclement weather.

Advanced Trim Concepts

Learn the three sources of sail power; angle of attack, sail depth (draft/camber) and sail twist. We discuss which sail controls affect these shapes as well as how to determine sail setups in differing conditions.

Apparent Wind Angle and Apparent Wind Speed

We discuss how apparent wind angle and speed changes depending on the orientation of the boat and the sea state. Learn to actively trim for real-time shifts in AWA and how to set up sails for various apparent wind speeds at different angles.

Upwind vs Downwind Sail Trim and Boat Handling

Practice the concept of "steering in the groove" when sailing close hauled and proper puff response in moderate and heavy air. Practice different methods of depowering via sail controls and helm response.  Practice helming downwind using crew weight and position to trim the boat while avoiding sailing by the lee. 

Practice Essential Safety Maneuvers

Practice the Figure 8 crew overboard recovery and learn the Quick Stop recovery. Practice and fine tune heaving to in different conditions. Practice steering the boat without using the tiller, simulating a loss of steerage.

And more!

For a full list of all of the concepts and skills required to achieve the ASA 101 - Basic Keelboat Sailing certification please visit the official ASA 102 certification page at

Still wondering what it means to be "ASA Certified?"






Read more about the mission of the American Sailing Association and what it means to be certified and why it matters in our blog post, "Understanding ASA Certification: What it is, How to Get it and Why it Matters".

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASA 102 get you?

ASA 102 certification shows a deeper understanding of advanced sail concepts and advanced helming skills. It enables you to skipper (operate as captain) a sailboat in familiar waters in all weather conditions and sea states.

How many days is ASA 102?

ASA 102 courses are conducted over 3 days. This time frame allows for a balanced combination of classroom learning and on-water training, giving you the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

Can you skip ASA 102?

ASA 102 is a new course as of 2024 and is not currently a prerequisite for ASA 103.  ASA 102 provides another fantastic opportunity to sharpen skills and gain confidence in your sailing skills. It covers fundamental concepts that are essential for understanding sailing principles and operating a sailboat properly.

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