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The Southern Passage

Sail Boat in Tropics

Southern Passage

Key West, FL to Charleston, SC

April 1st 2023 to April 5th 2023

470 nm / 5 Days

We depart Key West, FL sailing out past the barrier reef until we see the water depths start to increase. As we reach deep water and begin to benefit from the Gulf Stream Ocean Current we turn East sailing towards the mainland of Florida. As we near Miami we will turn North sailing 10 to 20 miles offshore as we parallel the coast. We will follow the contours of the Florida coast until we are abeam of West Palm Beach. 

As the coast falls away to the West we will continue on a direct rhumbline route to Charleston, SC, staying in or around the gulfstream in order to benefit from the 2 to 4 knot Northerly current.  Sailing the rhumbline will take us up to 80 nautical miles offshore!

After about 2 and a half days at sea we will be arriving in to the famous and historical port of Charleston, South Carolina!



Key West Departure

We will have to safely navigate out of the busy Key West channel and through the barrier reef


Entering the Gulfstream

We will be sailing in the Gulfstream as we sail north parallel the Florida coast towards West Palm Beach


360 Nautical Mile Offshore Passage

We will sail a direct route from West Palm beach to Charleston, SC taking us up to 80nm offshore and should take about 2 and a half days.


Coastal Sailing along the Florida Keys

A 24 hour coastal passage as we sail the length of the Florida Keys towards the Mainland


Rest Stop in West Palm Beach

We are tentatively planning to stop for a rest in West Palm Beach


Arrival into Charleston, SC

We will be arriving into the famously busy commercial port of Charleston, SC

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